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Kathy W.

A Yankee, born in Boston, but a Southern girl at heart.

I got my first cookbook at the age of 10, which ignited the desire to learn as much as I could about food and cooking. Born in Boston and growing up in New England, I embraced the traditional fare, learned how to handle a lobster and watched black and white episodes of Julia Child every week.

At age 27, with my young daughter and first husband, I boldly crossed the Mason-Dixon Line and moved to coastal North Carolina. The abundance of fresh seafood was an inspiration and I eagerly dove into the cuisine of the Low Country. I partnered in a catering business that served my resort community and created delicious events for many special clients.

Now happily remarried for 20 years and living in East Tennessee, My husband Will and I also became business partners. Together we founded an engineering, construction and environmental services corporation that has served industry clients for two decades. We have a love of good, healthful food, comforting classics and the treasures of worldwide cuisine. We enjoy sharing our passion for food and cooking with employees, family and friends. But it doesn’t stop there! We are about to launch our next business venture, a 15-barrel production craft brewery that will be located on the doorstep of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


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The Southern Yankee Kitchen

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